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In 2009 she met the man through a legitimate marriage agency and in 2010 she accepted a proposal of marriage and deceived the guy into transferring his life savings based on the promise of children, apartment and a life in Kiev.

Tetiana locates a 'Mark' through legitimate marriage agencies.

I guess I'm just not realizing she was just using me for money.

I should have done a search on her name before visiting her in Kiev.

Tetiana Cafearo aka Tina Flower In 2016 Tetiana completed a 7-year scam that completely destroyed one mans life by criminally deceiving him of his entire life savings.

Within this 7-year period she netted an initial 206k US and then milked another 50 k US in various scams until the man discovered she was a gold-digger with a prior 11-year history.

It's located in Suite 303, which is also listed to a nail spa and immigrant caregiver agency.

One of the associated foreign websites,, assists wanna-be émigrés with potential issues such as "How to export from Ukraine large sum of money if you fly to Canada".

Once hooked by either woman the 'mark' is then contacted and mislead into sending money using various scams.

Also located at 120 Eglinton are several floors of English as a Second Language [ESL] "schools" (which are inter-related), virtual offices (they appear to be floors 10 and 11, and possibly floor 5), and investment businesses related to Steven Muehler (an Los Angeles based financier with an alleged virtual office located in Beverly Hills).

Recently, 120 Eglinton was the subject of intense media coverage, when the knapsack belonging to missing 17 year old Georgian girl, Mariam Makhniashvili, was located, according to news reports, behind the building.

Description: The eleven floor office building at 120 Eglinton Avenue East Toronto Canada provides work space for international businesses and English schools.

Among the businesses is Inna Kogan's immigration/da...