Most intimidating walk up songs

) It’s easier the easiest or the hardest job on the team, depending on your definition of the words “easy” and “hard,” but for an inning every three games or so, you’re .Oh sure, starting pitchers can have walk-on music, but that plays while most of the crowd is still buying Coors Light and trying to figure out how Stub Hub pick-up actually works.Key Lyrics: "I walk through the valley of the Chi where death is/ top floor the view alone will leave you breathless."Analysis: Blair's choice is the perfect encore for all of the Gamecock fans who are also trying to relive Kanye's exemplary performance at Colonial Life Arena last December. Still, the hook is instantly recognizable, up-tempo and oddly has already obtained a nostalgic glow.There is one problem here though — every time Blair draws four balls this could start to feel uncomfortably self righteous.It has to be something energetic enough to get you suitably pumped, but not so energetic that you have to start sprinting to the mound.It should be well-known enough that there are certain popular associations that people can instantly form by your choice of the song, but not so well known that people dread your entrance to have to hear .On any given afternoon at KU’s Hoglund Ballpark, for instance, a cacophony of musical scores can be heard spilling from the stadium’s loudspeakers, signaling the entrance of this player or that. An official “walk-up song” sign-up sheet hangs like a de facto lineup card in the team’s clubhouse, and, as inspiration hits, players slowly stake claim to various musical works.There are a number of basic selection requirements, of course.

” a boisterous and overtly sensual rap song that, as one teammate was happy to point out, “doesn’t really fit an outfielder from Oregon.” Says Faunce, who has since changed songs but still endures regular chiding from teammates for his rookie blunder, “It was entirely embarrassing every time I came to the plate that year.” While it’s easy to view the walk-up song as a purely cosmetic component to the game of baseball, it is, as Faunce’s experience would indicate, a matter paid no lack of mind by the sport’s participants.

Nick Faunce’s introduction to matters involving the walk-up song — that is, the song played throughout a stadium as a particular player walks to the plate — came four years ago, during his red-shirt freshman season with the Kansas University baseball team.

Figuring he wouldn’t see much game action in his first year on the team’s active roster, Faunce, now a senior, didn’t bother to select an entrance song, leaving the team’s support staff to use a track it already had on file.

Williams, who played the iconic anti-hero Omar Little in HBO's "The Wire." Williams' character is best known for his signature scar and his foreboding, shotgun-wielding walk that usually precludes violence. After adding adding 25 pounds of muscle this offseason and taking over the cleanup spot in South Carolina's lineup, SEC pitchers may come to feel the same way about Cullen.

Danny Blair, sophomore outfielder: "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West, 2004.