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Djegan , (UTC) I object to the term "leading universities" in the template.I don't think that the Groningen university is much better than the average university here in the Netherlands.This will create problems where their are several universities in a city!Djegan , (UTC) That solves the problem for "NUI, Galway" but not for the other universities, and leaves them all rather long by quoting official names, most are in the form "University of...".Now it is a unique nature reserve through which an adventurous trail runs . The Bekendelle is a favorite destination of Winterswijk for a walk. The museum tells the cultural history of the West Munster country. Distance: / – 3.5 km Worth seeing towns / cities Groenlo, fortified city; Bredevoort, book city. Beautiful 9 hole golf course at one of the most beautiful spots of Winterswijk. Distance: 7.5 miles Tasty tips We can take care of your breakfast, lunch, hot and cold buffets, chinese-indian-thai, dinners, tourist menus, BBQs Opportunity to BBQ, fully catered by us or you could rent one of the bbq’s. The baker delivers daily at our home (including Sundays), fresh bread at retail price.

Repeating the words "University of..." almost 40 times seams excessive, after all the template is essentially a shortcut and does not need to be list of official university names?And you can start the ten mile hike “Route Bekendelle ” . Only a few times a year in operation (check well in advance regarding the limited opening days). Starting point : restaurant Berenschots Watermolen, Wooldseweg 74 , Winterswijk . The wooded Lochemer Mountain belongs with the Bald Mountain and the intervening fields and hedgerows to a 171 acre nature of Geldersch Landscape Foundation . Guided tour through the Vragender and / or Korenburgerveen. Information and reservations are available through the tourist office in Lichtenvoorde Distance: / – 8.5 miles Car route Car routes along the Reirinck at particular: Slinge route, castles route. To flirt and communicate is very interesting with us.Exclusive services meet you with wonderful single men and women from Netherlands and from every country of world.