Nuendo updating media files

Since then we have continually improved AATranslator to the point where it now converts more formats (including PTF, OMF & AAF) than any other session conversion program. Mick Rooney's amazing efforts with AATranslator meant that within mere minutes, I was able to extract an OMF into a new folder, and have access to all the individual files which were used in the original session formats, but have them in a (Reaper) format.

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But now the import window is only showing AUDIO APPS. I imnported the video file and the video kept sticking after about 30 seconds of playback. I'm almost sure the press releases said that N5 supports whatever formats and codecs are supported by the QT player. I took that to mean QT only, since everyone was complaining about problems with most of the formats you mentioned.

We have recently (7 Aug) completed a "clean-out" of old listings in the Gearslutz Member Services directory.

Any & all listings that were posted more than 365 days ago have been deleted so that we can ensure the directory remains up-to-date. has recently made changes to their hosting service and embedding images on forums etc does not always work without paying them a large sum of money annually.

Here's a super-fast way to adjust the octave of your MIDI events in the Project view: simply select the MIDI notes you'd like to adjust and then hold the Shift key along with the up or down arrow keys to raise or lower the octave of the selected events. One often overlooked feature is its ability to export the text contents of the built-in Notepad available on each Cubase channel.

This is terrifically useful when sharing projects with collaborators, particularly users of other DAWs.

Nuendo updating media files